A Nation Under the Gun

Did you know? It has been contended by some American political scholars and constitutional lawyers that the Second Amendment, more commonly known as the “right to bear arms”, has been widely misinterpreted. Under this premise, it is believed that the Founding Fathers intended the passage to determine the rights of individual states, not individual people, […]

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The politics of regression.

Society should be valued by how it looks after those who are struggling to support themselves, and a Labour government better protects the most vulnerable amongst us. Voting Labour says more positive things about us as a collective, about us as a people. We tend to believe ourselves to be average, even when we are […]

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Disorganised Labour.

Last week I wrote a short piece about our two main party leaders. I touched upon trust, decision-making and our long-held view of what a ‘leader’ should be. After some post hoc editing (as usual)*, I came to the few half-conclusions. Yes, both May and Corbyn are flawed, but I stand by my opinion that […]

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