Trump’s sexism is disqualifying, but isn’t it ironic.

I’m a little late to the conversation with this, so please forgive me.

It’s been a few days since a recording of Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, surfaced. In the tape, Trump suggests that powerful men – or maybe just men in general – grab women “by the pussy.”

Like the overwhelming majority of people, when I first heard the recording, I was appalled. Not only is it vulgar and disgusting, Trump is pretty much actively condoning and advocating sexual assault and the abuse of a position of power.

Following the outbreak, Nigel Farage, jumped to the defence of Trump, saying that it’s just “alpha male boasting” and “the kind of thing men do.”

Well no Nigel, no it isn’t. That’s offensive to good men everywhere. Boys will not ‘be boys’ and males should treat women with the respect and dignity that all people deserve. Then again, I wouldn’t expect an ignorant and small-minded person, such as Farage, to understand. It should be noted that Farage is prone to the occasional sexist comment himself.

Trump then declared it as “locker room talk” and apologised if he had offended anyone. Dismissing the recording as such is precisely how we end up with young men like Brock Turner.

Trump’s statement following the leak, which can only charitably be described as an apology, placed the emphasis away from Trump, as if to say, “what I said was not wrong, it merely upset a few people”, or ‘I’m not sorry I said it, I’m just sorry I got caught.”

Donald Trump has asked people to not judge him on something that he said over ten years ago, yet he continues to slam Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelity and presidential record. If that in itself does not stink of sexism and patriarchy, I don’t know what does. Also, the Lewinsky scandal occurred in the 90’s, as did the vast majority of Bill’s presidency. But considering the sheer amount of rubbish that Trump spews from his mouth, go figure.

Judging Clinton by the actions of her husband is not only ridiculous, it is also sexist. Hillary’s value is not determined by Bill’s achievements or shortcomings. Likewise, for any woman or wife. Trump claims that Bill has said worse to him on the golf course than his recent pussy-grabbing comment. Maybe someone should remind Trump that Bill isn’t currently running for office, Hillary is. Deplorable as Bill Clinton may or may not be, holding this against Hillary is criminal, and fatal in the climax of a presidential campaign.

I can’t help but find it ironic that Trump’s casual and lazy sexism is currently the driving force behind what will likely see Hillary Clinton elected as the first female President of the United States.

I’m the eldest of three brothers, and I hope that I can play a part in showing them how to be decent and respectful young men. I want them to grow up in a world were comments like Trump’s are disqualifying factors. Politics aside, and whether you agree with Republican politics or not, Trump is toxic. His comments are indicative of a world that teaches women not get raped, when it should be a world that teaches men not to rape.

Looking past Trump’s comments is weak, it’s complicit to his bigotry. Yes, Clinton is flawed, but in light of what Trump has said, not just recently, but throughout the entire election campaign, the response should not be, “but Clinton is a poor candidate too”, it should be “under no circumstances can this man be allowed to become president.”

Left-wing, right-wing or other, if there is one cause we can all get behind, surely it is #nevertrump.


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