Welcome Back.

Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had.

It’s been a while since I last wrote. For that, I can only apologise. Not that it matters, not even my own mother reads what I write. 

I should have finished my writing from my time in the States, but there’s something acutely uninspiring about post-election analysis of a Trump-carried presidential. It doesn’t exactly fill you with that warm fuzzy feeling. 

I could have told you all about how Trump utilised a Rust-Belt strategy and the second coming of Reagan Democrats, or about how Bernie would not have faired better than Hillary, but every time I started to pen my thoughts, they came out as a big ol’ rant.

Anyway, that’s done with. The point is that I plan on using this blog more than I have been, especially in light of the unexpected news of this week.

Welcome back.


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