The politics of regression.

Society should be valued by how it looks after those who are struggling to support themselves, and a Labour government better protects the most vulnerable amongst us. Voting Labour says more positive things about us as a collective, about us as a people.

We tend to believe ourselves to be average, even when we are not. It takes empathy and understanding to take a step back and view the world through another’s eyes, See what they see, and feel their pain.

In the last seven years, the number of food banks has increased, homeslessness has risen, the standard of living has gone down, and the disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor has grown wider. There have been cuts, and ordinary people – and ordinary families – are suffering because of it.

Austerity hurts those that cannot afford to be hurt. It effects the single mother of three and her NHS job. It effects the man on disability benefits. And it effects the student who relies on EMA to get to college. All the while, well-fed members of the political elite are left unscathed and unaware to the damage they cause. Or maybe they are aware,  but just don’t care. This is the politics of regression.

It’s easy to look at raw figures that can be removed from context and easy manipulated. Yes, number tell an important part of the story, but when did we start quantifying humans? These are people’s lives we’re talking about. People aren’t statistics.

I believe that Government has to be better than the individual. It should provide things that people cannot provide for themselves. Welfare, healthcare and social security aren’t just government programmes, they’re moral covenants.

We need to balance the unbalanced, remember the forgotten and those left behind, the disenchanted, and the disaffected. A government should be for all of its citizens, not just the priviledged few.

We face a prime minister that doesn’t believe human rights to be universal and for all. We face a government that claims it will stand up for you and your family, even when it will not. We face a prime minister that wants to limit your privacy. We face a government that does not adequately meet the needs of its constituents.

Say nothing of my generation. One that will be worse off than the one that came before. We’re going backwards, not forwards. A generation of renters, unable to scale the property ladder. Receive from your parents, if you’re lucky enough. Grow your own pension. I could go on.

Under this government, we’re not making progress. We’re not making our country a better place. Under Labour we can do better, and we must do better.


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